Information – Towing Procedure

On receiving a call about a parking violation, we will drive to the site with a tow truck. In all cases, we will follow the procedure below:

  1. The tow truck driver will verify that our signs are posted in the parking lot in compliance with municipal regulations, and that they are clearly legible.
  2. The driver will confirm the identity of the offending vehicle with the dispatcher.
  3. The driver will instruct the dispatch centre to send a fax immediately to the local police station, specifying the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle in question along with the time at which it was towed. The time this fax is sent, as well as its receipt of reception by the police station, will serve as evidence in the event of a request for reimbursement or any other claim.
  4. The driver will inspect the vehicle to ensure that there is no person or animal on board.
  5. The driver will inspect the vehicle for any signs of damage, dents, scratches, etc. All observations will be documented BEFORE towing. He will also take photos of any damage BEFORE proceeding with the towing operation.
  6. He will then proceed to tow the vehicle in accordance with best practices. The offending vehicle will be placed on a tow dolly, to avoid wear on the tires or damaging the transmission.
  7. The tow truck driver will inform the dispatcher that the towing is under way, and will deliver the vehicle to one of our impound lots, within a 5-km radius as specified by law.
  8. To recover his vehicle, the driver of the towed vehicle must contact the towing company, whose name and phone number are provided on the parking signs in compliance with municipal by-law. If the driver of the towed vehicle contacts the police, they will be able to direct him to the towing company, because the police station will have received a towing report from the company.
  9. If, despite the care taken during the inspection and towing, you would like to file a complaint or a request for reimbursement, or contest the towing of your vehicle, please fill out a claim form. Be sure to have read the detailed description of the administrative and towing procedure followed to the letter by our experienced staff, provided above. Before initiating legal proceedings, we encourage you to consult our “ABOUT” page to learn more about the reason your vehicle was towed.

Parking sign installation is carefully done in accordance with the conditions and sizes specified by law (Article 65 of the City of Montreal by-law), on existing walls or posts.

Our towing and prevention services are provided on an on-call basis, meaning that the contract signatory designates certain people who are authorized to phone RTM and request the towing of a vehicle. These persons must specify the make, colour and license plate number of the vehicle to be towed.

We are at your disposal to offer expertise, parking lot evaluation and submissions for your parking enforcement needs. Our sound advice and professionalism are an integral part of who we are and how we function.

In conclusion, we are all aware that, in the past, there has been abuse on the part of certain Québec companies specializing in towing at owner’s expense. It is for this reason that we have made it our priority to restore a sense of order in the parking lots of our clients.