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We saw a real need for prevention and towing services on the part of the owners of private parking lots. Our aim is to help these owners to better manage their parking lots. Why? Because more and more people do not respect private property.

Often, people who don’t want to pay the parking meter will just park on private property.

Underground parking lots are often seen as the ideal place to abandon a vehicle or to park in somebody else’s parking spot. In addition, outdoor parking lots are often used illegally during periods of snow removal, when there is no place to park on the street. Motorists will then help themselves to your parking lot, with the result that you have to deal with what are known as “Igloos”, or vehicles buried in snow. This affects your own snow removal operations and, of course, ends up costing you, the parking lot owner, more money. Why? Because your snow removal company has to return to the lot 2 or even 3 times to finish the job. The surprising thing is that municipalities and police do not have the right to ticket the violators or have the vehicles moved.

Parking lot owners bought their property and duly pay their taxes and see to parking lot maintenance, such as keeping it clean, maintaining the yellow lines, etc. They have the right to decide who can park on their property. In addition, attention must be paid to the needs of the building tenant who pays monthly rent for a parking spot and finds it unfair when his neighbour parks anywhere he feels like it without paying for his own spot. Such a person encroaches on the paid parking spot of his neighbour, and that, in our view, is inacceptable. At that point, when paying tenants start to cry out at the injustice, parking lot owners have no other choice but to call on us for proper enforcement of their parking rules. It should be noted that, even if the owners install their own signs, they are not authorized by municipal by-law to move the offending vehicles. All parking lot owners or operators must have previously signed a contract authorizing a towing company to tow vehicles off their property.

The solution? US. Our aim is to let you know that we exist, and that we are ready to resolve the predicament caused by irresponsible trespassers who park their car on your property without authorization and leave it there to go elsewhere—whether for a minute, 10 minutes or an hour, it makes no difference. Here is an excerpt from what the legal counsel of the Legal Affairs Division had to say with regards to towing at owner’s expense:

  • A private property owner has the right to evict trespassers. The owner of a private parking lot certainly has the right to evict a motorist who parks his car on his property without permission. A motorist who is neither a guest nor a client of the shopping mall, or who has not paid the required parking fees, is indisputably a trespasser.

We are confident that we can provide you with the quality prevention and towing service that will meet your needs! Our company specializes in removing vehicles from outdoor, indoor and underground parking lots, as well as for special events.

It is important to understand exactly how our services operate. First of all, from a legal standpoint, the two parties must sign a one-year contract, renewable on a yearly basis. Under this contract, the parking lot owner mandates and authorizes us to tow any vehicles illegally parked on his property, at his request. The primary goal is not to tow offenders, but rather to inform the public (prevention). That is why, after signing the contract, with the authorization of the owner, we install parking signs informing the public of the parking conditions and rules now in place in the parking lot, and identifying us as the towing company responsible for parking enforcement.

We offer a wide range of signs for different types of businesses and buildings:

  • Stationnement réservé pour client à l'intérieur seulement (Parking reserved for clients only)
  • Stationnement réservé pour locataire et personnel autorisés seulement (Parking for tenants and authorized personnel only)
  • Visiteurs (Visitor Parking)
  • Tolérance 0
  • No Parking

Note that, at the time the contract is signed, we will provide a parking violation notice book for tagging unauthorized vehicles. Towing service only start 24 hours after the installation of the signs, to give people time to become aware of the new system. If, after this time, there are still vehicles illegally parked, we will begin towing operations.

Any motorist who parks his vehicle in the parking lot without authorization and without respecting the parking signs and/or leaves his vehicle in the parking while visiting another business or building will be subject to immediate towing.

First of all, the contract signatory or one of his employees must call us to report the parking infraction, specifying the make, colour and license plate number of the vehicle in question.

A member of our team (tow truck operator) will then drive to the site and perform a visual inspection of the vehicle for any damage prior to towing. This will be recorded in the appropriate document. Following this inspection, he will proceed to tow the vehicle. We assumes complete responsibility for the vehicle once it has been towed. The tow truck driver will move the vehicle to another location within 5 kilometres, or transport it to one of our impound lots.

As soon as the vehicle has been towed, our dispatcher will send a fax to the police station closest to the location from which the vehicle was towed, informing them that we have the vehicle in our possession. This is an essential step in the process, in case the vehicle’s owner contacts the police to report that his vehicle has been stolen.

We would like to reassure you that all of our tow truck operators have more than 20 years’ experience and that their professionalism is important to us.

When the vehicle’s owner returns to the parking lot and sees that his vehicle is no longer there, he will see the towing signs, recognize that he has committed a parking violation and take down our phone number.

He will then contact us and we will tell him where to go to recover his vehicle. On his arrival at the impound lot, our officer will ask for proof of ownership or a signed document authorizing him to recover the vehicle on the owner’s behalf. This person will then pay the towing fees and our agent will have him sign the invoice, attesting that he has recovered the vehicle.